Short-Term Rehabilitation

Short-Term Rehabilitation

Our top focus is returning you to health. If you’ve left the hospital but aren’t ready to go home, the outcome-oriented rehabilitation services at The Gardens at Stevens will help you rebuild your strength.

Recover with customized treatment under the care of our skilled staff. Overcome breathing problems resulting from stroke, heart attack, accident, or chronic condition with our expert respiratory care.

Our professionals will help you return to your everyday routine through our cardiac treatment.

Regain your highest levels of functioning and mobility with our individualized physical therapy.

Our high-skilled occupational therapists develop treatments to improve your fine motor skills. Customized therapy programs meet your specific needs to help you successfully heal.

The Gardens at Stevens provides wound care to prevent infection and help speed up healing. With a dietician on staff, The Gardens as Stevens provides nutrition management and personalized bariatric care to assist you in weight loss and increase your health. Our professional staff offers hemodialysis and IV therapy to help you maintain the proper fluids and mineral balance and increase your energy levels.

Comprehensive rehabilitation for your road to a speedy recovery is provided at The Gardens at Stevens.